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Telemedicine allows established patients to maintain a therapeutic relationship with their provider even when meeting in person is not possible.  

At our psychiatric clinic, we offer comprehensive services to support your mental health needs.  Through our virtual platform, clients have the opportunity to work closely with their practitioner from the comfort and convenience of their own space. This allows for seamless communication and access to care without the constraints of physical distance. 

It's important to note that for clients who are prescribed controlled medications, there is a requirement for an in-person visit with an associate provider at least once a year. This ensures that proper monitoring and assessment can be conducted to optimize treatment effectiveness and safety. This in-person visit helps maintain the quality of care and compliance with regulatory guidelines surrounding controlled substances. 

Our commitment is to provide personalized and effective care, leveraging both virtual and in-person interactions to meet the diverse needs of our clients while prioritizing their well-being and treatment outcomes. 

Enter your provider's virtual waiting room at the time of your scheduled appointment 

(providers are not available without an appointment)

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